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Full Eyeliner | $300

A Full Eyeliner procedure will cover the entire lash line and slightly above on the upper eyelids, as well as filling in the lower lash line as desired. It can be drawn to look soft, like a pencil, or like liquid liner.

Upper Eyeliner | $200

An Upper Eyeliner covers the entire lash line and slightly above, as requested.

Bottom Eyeliner | $150

A Bottom Eyeliner covers the lower lash lines and slightly thicker, if so desired.

Lash Enhancement | $200

A Lash Enhancement only covers the immediate lash line. It is a very natural-looking enhancement of the base of the lash area. It does not extend above the lash line, but makes the lashes look thicker around the base.

Eyebrows | $300

A Brow Procedure covers both brows. It can be applied to look like natural hair strokes, soft pencil, powder, or liquid. Please allow brow hair to grow freely two weeks before your appointment.

Full Lips | $400

A Full Lip procedure covers both lips. Most women who wear lip gloss, or like a very neutral look, do best with this procedure as it enhances and evens out the lip border. It can be applied to look like lipstick, lip pencil, or your natural lip tone.

Touch Ups & Beauty Marks | $50 +

For work originally performed by DYonna, the cost of touch ups will range from $50- $100.